Violet – Fragranced Candle


Collection: Oxford Botanic Garden

Fragrance: Violet
Violets, and their garden relatives, the pansies, have a rich history and folklore, and have long been grown for their fragrance and medicinal uses. Prized by the ancient Greeks, their popularity as cut flowers reached a height in Victorian and Edwardian times. Violets were cultivated in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall in the 1930s. The remnants of walled flower fields, in which they were cultivated to send to Covent Garden market, still remain in parts of Cornwall. They are still used as a source for scents in the perfume industry, and newly opened violet flowers  are sometimes used to decorate salads.

Top notes:   Cherry Blossom, Violet Leaf,
Heart notes:   Violet, Green Rose, Orris
Base notes:   Musk, Tonka

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