Mimosa – Fragranced Room Spray


Collection: Oxford Botanic Garden

Fragrance: Mimosa
Commonly called ‘mimosa’ by the floristry trade, this tree is in fact a form of acacia, and is native to southeast Australia. Mimosa is also widely grown in the Mediterranean as an ornamental, in gardens and along Italy. The tree is well known for its bright yellow plumes of pom-pom-like flower-heads, produced early in the spring, which have a distinctive powdery fragrance. Branches of mimosa are commonly harvested in the Mediterranean and sold along roadsides as a cut flower. Essences from the flowers have also been used in perfumery.

Top notes:   Freesia, Gardenia, Cardamom
Heart notes:   Jasmine, Mimosa, Rose, Peach
Base notes:   Patchouli, Vetiver, Musks, Vanilla