Lavender – Tin Candle


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Collection: Oxford Botanic Garden

Fragrance: Lavender
Lavender has a very long and rich history of cultivation and use. Lavender was first introduced into England in the 1600s when it was used to make tea. Today, the plant is grown mainly for the production of essential oils which are widely used in perfumery, and as fragrances for bath products. English lavender yields an essential oil with sweet overtones and is often used in balms, salves, perfumes, cosmetics, and topical applications. The plant is also widely grown as a garden plant, for cut dried flowers and even for cooking. The flowers of lavender are strongly fragrant and yield large quantities of nectar from which high-quality honey can be produced.

Top notes:   Mandarin, Orange Flower,
Heart notes:   Lavender, Chamomile
Base notes:   Geranium