Java Citronella – Fragranced Diffuser


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Collection: Garden

Fragrance: Java Citronella
Contains essential oil retrieved from a vetiver root sourced from India (this is the best form available in the world). This plant is often used for its very efficient cooling properties associated with this oil which is often described as a desert cooler with main fragrance characteristics being describes as deep, woody, smoky, earthy & balsamic.  Once blended with the Citronella base the fragrance creates a feeling of being in a cool shelter – pristine oasis of calmness and purity.

Top notes:  Citrus, Lemon, Bergamot (essential oils of Orange, Lemon)
Heart notes: Floral with a hint of Geranium, Green notes (Petitgrain essential oil), Lavender oil
Base notes:  Moss, Musk, Wood