Imperial – Fragranced Room Spray


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Collection: Stripes

Fragrance: Imperial
It was Imperial Rome which gave us the word ‘perfume’ but it was in the earlier Egyptian Empire when the use of perfume in almost all facets of life was cultivated and ritualised.  The Egyptians would have thought nothing of applying perfume three or four times a day. From this Imperial tradition we give you an all conquering, regal fragrance featuring rich yet fresh essential oils of lemon, cedarwood and litsea cubeba surrounding a delicate floral heart of Jasmine.  A fragrance which can surround you from day through to night.

Top notes:  fresh citrus lemon oil, litsea cubeba oil,green
Heart notes: fruity, floral, jasmine watery,patchouli oil
Base notes:   Ambery,balsamic, woody, cedarwood, quaiacwood, vanilla, musky