Holly – Fragranced Room Spray


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Collection: Oxford Botanic Garden

Fragrance: Holly
Holly is synonymous with Christmas today but in fact the tree has a long and colourful history of folklore and use. Once considered to be sacred because of its immortal, evergreen leaves, it was also regarded as a plant of protection against evil spirits. Its attractive glossy dark green leaves and colourful (though poisonous) red berries were brought indoors to lift people’s spirits in winter, The flowers of the holly are tiny, pale pink on the outside, and white within.The berries only appear on female trees, and it is said that if a holly tree fruits well one year, it will rest the following winter.

Top notes:   Cassis, Blueberry, Orange Zest
Heart notes:   Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf
Base notes:   Amber, Vanilla, Spice