Chamomile – Fragranced Candle


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Collection: Oxford Botanic Garden

Fragrance: Chamomile
Chamomile is commonly used to make herbal infusions. A tea, for example, is made by adding dried chamomile flowers to hot water, and is famously referred to by Beatrix Potter in her Tale of Peter Rabbit. Chamomile has a long and rich history of use as a medicinal herb. Records of its use date back to the ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians who believed that the flowers contained both magical and healing properties, and by the Anglo-Saxons to ward off disease and to promote good health. Chamomile is still widely used today to promote relaxation and as a remedy for reducing stress.

Top notes:   Sappy Green-Ozonic Fresh, Herbaceous Notes
Heart notes:   Chamomile, Lily, Amber
Base notes:   Musk, Woody

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